remember, whatever your are
experiencing outside is but
issues yoy never addressed
in sync with the conventional
inside the pristinct of yoyself

it doesnt matter if you are correct
if your intent is to change the other
i know no hence yes followed (neti,neti)
embrace the void and be born again
again and again and again

think, believe and express
I have lots and lots of time
there will be plenty of time
Btw, what’s the hurry karri
never travel ahead of Earth

Music inflames temperament
tempermant ignites the fire
breath fuels it for ever and ever
discrimination with devotion
is advaita of shankaracharya

The scariest moment is always
just before you start. Stephen King
the first step leads next & nxt & xt & X
no shame in forgiving oneself
for the collosal ignorance called maya

even the gods are its slave
expect no god to land coz’
gods cant fly after landing
but yoy my dear can lead
the heavens to emancipation

bask in the sunshine of love
dance in the cosmic shower
glow in the light of night
oh 7-hooded one
come to rest and still

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