One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious”– Carl Jung

Personal Experience: The mind either shows meaningful reflections/answers through the outside reality called synchronicity.

Some examples of synchronicity:

  • HERE & Now: TV & radio — these two devices usually lag the thought and connect with the prevalent thought for a wise resolution. Hence, they give time to recognize the connectedness in the pattern/matrix. For example when thinking intensely about something and flipping TV channels lands you with audio/visuals enacting the very thought that was obsessing the mind.
  • Today: Newspaper — next day’s NEWS:)north, east, west & south; reflects the previous days thought, stale news, igniting imagination of a day in the matrix in coherence with the new day being dreamt by silent wells of snore on the other side accompanied by the nocturnal beings alignments with the new born to inflame the temperament of the mother to heights of self sacrifice. Mother being the night while the day being the father. The mother is space herself & the father being time itself. The mind-space mood is equivalent to space-time harmony outside. A balanced individual in time, living in the moment called here &now with no past nor future only intense lust for life is bound to satiate the needs of the entire cosmos since he embodies what he perceives as his higher power: The universe itself “Aham Brahmasvi”..eg: today’s spiritual tree reflects yesterdays talks on VishwaRoopa. TOI, Speaking tree Friday 01 Feb 2013.
  • Present: Others words – direct words spoken at magical moments when there is direct communication between a being and its beginning, Simply put, out of box thinking when a faux paw or catch-22 or kalchakra doesn’t permit progress to the entire 24 hours. Direct honest words de-synchronize us thru awe & wonder at the solution being always there in simple words, thus aligned ourselves with the earth’s grid to reach 24*7… and an upper hand on the matrix at that moment.
  • This Moment: While extracting an article, the song playing on iPod shuffle and the prominent words happen to be on the same line I am.
  • My aura: A have a query in the mind and on iPod shuffle the right number comes echoing my thought with solution at times.
  • Time: Open random page in a book to seek a solution (I believe lots of people do this with holy books).
  • Space: I comment or give a word and it is reflected soon after.
  • Mind It! I think of the person and he/she lands up at the door.

The entire above are stationary. The best part is while traveling and the hoarding or messages on vehicles sync.

Possible explanations:

  • Coincidence. It happens at such rates that probability can’t validate it (sometimes 10 in less than half an hour and it is continuous streaming else like a hallucinogenic trance.).
  • Hallucination or delusion. Not possible now, since people close to me experience the same. This is to such an extent that my daughter utters these very words, “Papa, I am bored with synchronicity”
  • C what u want 2 c. I merge the thought with the vision and interpret it. This needs imagination, which needs time for thought. But the synchronicity happens instantly with no imagination.
  • The peripheral senses pick the nearest sync and I look at it (this means that the range of my conscious mind is not limited to 15 odd feet and is connected to a collective mind).
  • I affect the universe and/or the outside dictates my thoughts.

It took me a trip to a mental asylum to understand that these syncs are there to just remind me that with respect to the past the future is pre-destined in the present and is reflected outside. It is like the least path of resistance to nullify the karma and get closer to divinity by absolving the past and ego. This the reason why the past predictions are correctly identified by different methods (astrology, numerology, Nadi, palmistry) but fail to deliver in the future, until and unless you believe in it and work in that direction. Then it is the greatest tool in action, BELIEF.

Synchronicity gives positive answers always since even if we don’t recognize ourselves as miniature reflections of the universe onto ourselves, the universe of which we are a part can’t forget that. This is due to the fact that a universal balance exists at all times. This balance reflects itself in synchronicity to give a correct resolution at that moment.

I am bound to the body to experience my unbound self. This means both the outside reflections and inner thoughts are in sync and dont work within the bounds of conventional time-space fabric, but are instantaneous. At times the synchronicity happens after sometime and I am relatively ahead of time. Since all is One, this means that I am altering events in future and thus affecting the universal space-time fabric in the present which in turn actually alters the collective future. Usually we lag behind time by always thinking of the future with reference to past. We evaluate the right course of action by relying on our past experience. Those who break free from the past will in effect have no future and will live in the eternal NOW. This is Buddha’s Nirvana.

The future is for those who recognize this strange behavior as the only possible one that the universe can adopt to maintain its cyclic nature of Big Bang and universal collapse into a black hole: Day & Night of the Brahman… The same karmic principles that apply to the universal creation and dissolution also applies to every particle or energy that the universe consists of. Ofcource, it includes us, in fact we are quite up on the ladder since we posses all the needed props like intelligence, emotion, body to affect not just our neighborhood or planet, but the entire universe. Boards don’t hit back! Mind it!! By the Dragon lee. Illusions don’t effect reality and reality cant explain the thin line between dreams & reality—both manifest and pregnant.

Only by Karma alone can karma be beaten. Illusions beaten by imagination and reality confronted with truth alone suffice to overcome the superstitions of the mind and appropriately reduce reality to mind stuff. To an enlightened ONE—Only Nothing Exists—standing without support like a laughing Buddha mocking himself by poking at his past when he held the world on his shoulders, it all is a joke and I am the joker in the circus called life. In plain English it is the eternal Damascus sword hanging on the one eternal question is death the end or the beginning and is it predetermined. It is neither premeditated nor willed hence it is neither real nor imaginary. It is a mix of both since the universe is one huge hallucination of the benign one, the eternal Purusha or ShivShakti, the all pervading consciousness that has lead to the death of the previous sun and birth of this one.

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