How to reach Nirvana

HONESTY: The root cause of ‘Dukkha’ or suffering is denial. If one is denied a single fragment of this universal illusion called ‘reality’ either by self or universe, the cycle begins. It is registered by the mind through discrimination by intellect in time. The same moment we become prisoners of the entire ‘Maya’. Parallelly, we are also prisoners of  objective  and subjective reality too and suffering follows.  This is the ‘here and now conscious’.

(B/w: GOD grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change: the Past associations of people, places and situations.)

OPEN MINDEDNESS: Hence the only way out is acceptance of the fact that ” I am the cause of all causes”. This is because it is my life. Thus, we have to adopt a completely subjective outlook to life “as it is” and become a hologram of the universe. That way no matter what one does one is always in harmony and in tandem with the whole universe. Remember that this harmony the subjective mind can comprehend. This provides a subjective illusion while the universe carries on as chaotic as it always was. This is the ‘here and now subconscious‘.

(B/w: Courage to change the things I can: Present projection of future, renounce the past)

WILLINGNESS: The spiritual progress is encompassing a bigger and better picture of the universe we live in. At the same time, progress also accommodates the trifle concerns of life.  Reality and dreams clash with each other in this race for supremacy.  If we keep, in the important corner of our mind, the actual experiences of dream while sleeping, we are bound to treat the reality as a illusion of the mind too. At this break point, there are no concerns, worries or suffering. Yes! it takes quite an effort where there are innumerable reverts to the starting construct. But success is guaranteed. This is the ‘here and now unconscious‘.

(B/w: Wisdom to know the difference: that there is no difference because we are all holographic)

SERENETY: The final emancipation is experiencing instantaneous good health (no cold, no flu, no aches, and no pains in your body). You feel perfectly well, absolutely refreshed and wakeful!.  The greatest illusion where wants merge into needs and needs translate into a harmonious universe around you. Then both you and not you is both an illusion and yet real.=fourth state of consciousness. This is ‘here and now’ cosmic orgasmic consciousness.

(B/w: AMEN! So be it for all beings)

WISDOM: That’s paradise for one and all. This is to be like a third rock from the sun with all the experiences from eons. But, not to roll at the behest of the vagaries and mood swings of life.

(B/w: The kingdom of paradise is in our heart)


This is the path as the steps enumerate for a human being living in the society.

Individual/ Family man/Social man

This is the path as the steps enumerate for a human being seeking release from oneself.

Individual/nowhere man/universal man

No matter the situation or propensities that an individual finds himself in, by the time he traverses the initial four paths both of them are bound to find union in the last path enumerated by the wisdom. Hence it is one for all and all for all.



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