Killing a dead duck

The root cause of Dukkha or suffering is denial. If one denies a single fragment of this universal illusion called reality once it is registered by the mind thru discrimination by intellect in time, the same moment we become prisoners of the entire Maya or both objective reality and subjective too and suffering follows.

Hence the only way out is to accept the fact that I am the cause of all causes, adopt a completely subjective outlook to life as it is and become a hologram of the universe. That way no matter what one does it is always in harmony and tandem with the whole universe that the subjective mind can comprehend.

The spiritual progress is encompassing a bigger and better picture of the universe we live in to accommodate the piddle concerns of life. Reality and dreams clash with each other in this race for supremacy. If we keep in the corner of our mind the actual experiences of sleeping dream we are bound to treat the reality as a illusion of the mind too. At this breakpoint, there are no concerns, worries or suffering. Yes it takes quite an effort where there are innumerable reverts to the starting construct. But a success is guaranteed.

The final emancipation is experiencing instantaneous good health: you have no cold, no flu, no aches, and no pains in your body. You feel perfectly well, absolutely refreshed and wakeful!. The greatest illusion where wants merge into needs and needs translate into a harmonius universe aroung you. Then both you and not you is both an illusion and yet real.

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