All is ONE & one is ALL when the EGO is annihilated. EGO also called “edging out god” is the definition that one gives to oneself. Either by limiting oneself to be a human (father, mother, child only) or recognizing oneself as the eternal light (joy, peace, truth along with the worldly relationships). ONLY those who reached minimal EGO will pop-up the question “WHO AM I” coz they have no identity in their mind having comprehended the ever changing state of the body, mind and life (hence no eternal definition). The rest swirl in the whirlpool of the world and hence have no time to address existential queries. Depending on the EGO state one will gyrate towards either one of the ends. When one is in the here and now, only then will one comprehend the oneness of the universe and experience their oneness with the universe, and thus experience SYNCHRONICITY which leads to the state of “AHAM BRAHMASMI” or I am the universe (Godhood). Then they stop thinking for themselves and accept life as it is and lead their lives from moment to moment as the situation demands, without oscillating between the past and the future. Thus with no liabilities of TIME their space too reflects Brotherhood. In fact as the ancient Hindu’s and modern Quantum know the reality itself becomes fluid, morphing according to ones state of mind. This is the reason the EVOLVED ONES visit planet Earth time and again to expound the truth of oneness through the iconic god’s prevalent at that time. In truth there is no GOD, just one’s oneness and the beliefs one holds, be it rational self-confidence or irrational GOD. This is the reason why no one can either prove or disprove the existence of GOD since primarily it is the mindset that resolves every day life and thus their opinion of GOD.

In the end the eternal paradox of the universe holds true- Only when I am nothing(no ego) do I exist as everything(one with the universal consciousness) as expounded in ZEN(un-defined Buddhism) or the Beatles’ number “Nowhere Man”). Coz when you are ONE where is the other to project one’s ego. It’s like telling the mirror who I am.

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