Take no thought, leave no trace

The spelling mistakes are intentional due to the paucity of the english language in expression prefer Sanskrit in science with Asia as the Guru-cool(knowing self), Antarctica as the genetic substrate(enough for nxt 10 billion years), Africa as the genetic museum, Malaysia as Jam bu D weep(paradise), Europe as cultural heart, America(N-S, reflections, frontiers of space-geneticadaptations) as born again and your self as the spatik that rides the rainbow.

Space, Time, Entropy
matter, energy, light
Mother, Father, Peace
moon, sun, crawling-Earth
Vishnu, Brahma, Mahesh

Dream, reality, Truth

Dattatreya Soma Durvasa

devas, asuras , man

light, darkness, dawn
Dreamer, philosopher, artist

Son(prajapati Daksh), Father(Brahma), holyspirit(both vishnu and mahadev)
Red, Green, Blue
earth core, earth cover, earth top
America, Asia, europe-asia minor
Man, woman, child
capitalist, socialist, autocratic
A1 i will I am everything

Sri yantra, Jambu Dweep, Mount Meru

Damru shakti jiva

Galactic Blackhole (precision-26,000) Sun (zodiac-1 year) pole shift(every day)

self, ego, life

satva, Rajas, Tamas
one universal dream

Dreamer, philosopher, artist = any child in the fetus has the head close to navel. Hence Brahma is the thousand petaled airship, since the

head gets its fluids from the umbilical cord, the Brahma is depicted as arising from the Navel of Vishnu. Hence the birth of Shiva to access the

issue of who came first, the Head / Brahma or the Body / Vishnu, who is nourishing the head through the umbilical cord. When the head comes out

first while delivering a child (Schrodinger’s cat and cats in the cradle.) the child is intercepted with the first judgement of the one deliverers. Good pink {start of flame(Shiva -> Brahma sees 2 blades of grass and lies 9ego0 hence is not worshiped)}

head (2 strands of hair- first sight of the new born universe where infinity- infinity=infinity+infinity=infinity) and when the baby is fully out, they see (push-jiva)shiva and says boy or girl. Birth of shiv ling. Now we have explored the human anatomy almost

completely and are poised to produce immaculate golden conceptions genetically, sex has no meaning other than reducing entropy. This is the

reason creative people like philosophers, writers, and artists in general are liberal in their liaisons. But like the saying goes, ” why use a typewriter

when U can use hand”. This is what is currently in vogue.

In western philosophy, the term “being-in-itself” is very close to the Buddhist term “suchness” — reality as it is free from conceptions or grasping. You cannot grasp it, because grasping reality with concepts and notions is like catching space with a net. So enter reality in a non-conceptual instant. The Buddha handed us an instrument to do this. If you continue to cling even to Buddhist notions and concepts, you miss the opportunity. You are carrying the raft on your shoulders. Do not be a prisoner of any doctrine or ideology, even Buddhist ones.

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