ii – Zen My Way

The principle of Universe is too simple, that’s why the answers have eluded us so long. Though Zen masters and other evolved beings comprehended it and couldn’t help being in bliss.
Just imagine there is not even nothing and an entity or conscious is alone. u imagine it, do a thought experiment.
What if the u r alone? But then our minds have associations, so just imagine. Don’t try to become alone, just feel alone. What would u like to have most? IT IS COMPANY. You would like a company to just know yourself and have experiences.
This is what the benign ONE felt and so burst in three fragments- the physical universe (big bang) to create the playground, the mind to comprehend and the conscience to experience the game. But since the origin was a desire to know oneself, the quest goes on. Each fragment of the ONE has its own paradise. Since the entire known and unknown universe has the same origin rooted in desire (the first sin), every fragment is but a continuum of the same ONE.
To keep the game truly interesting the thin veil of forgetfulness of our divine origin is kept. This instigates in one different answer for the same question-WHO AM I”. Each one defines it within a boundary called society. But the answer can never be known coz I am the mind of my mind (consciousness) and it is the primary reason the ONE created the universe to experience itself in the various mirrors of the mind.
But he retains the one truth that it is his creation, his dream coz without his intention the universe itself would not have happened. It is the truth of the universe being pure consciousness that is with him and hence knows the universe as mind stuff, a dream, Maya. And he is blissful by nature since there is no other, only him.
With the rule being “I am a miniature reflection of the world and the world I perceive (which includes me too) is my projection”, anyone can start experiencing synchronicity (even drugs bring an altered state of mind though dangerous if my heart is not clean and I don’t have enough money). The best ways to encompass the universe is thus training the mind to dissolve into consciousness (they say a single trance or Samadhi can open the doors of perfection). The mind is bound to reasoning and any honest inquiry will surely lead to that greatest reason of all and the only one- I am the universe and the universe is me (what a paradox).
Zen masters do this by dropping the mind, and hence sometimes their reaction which is based in the here and now, seems irrational.

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