iii – Growth

Western outlook

It is a common notion to consider a pay hike or a promotion as career growth.

The true growth takes place silently due to interactions of people with varied experiences.

Initially it is tough since they will try to cast each other in their mold while the ego resists and detests the other opinion. Slowly, with time as the referee, a transaction takes place leaving both rich in experience with which growth is inevitable.

A more experienced person will be effective in excelling in his tasks. Hence the original desire for pay hike or a promotion will be automatically fulfilled.
Eastern outlook

“do your karma and don’t hanker after the fruits” . Coz’ hankering brings anxiety (child of fear) which will undermine the very result your present karma is to deliver. The mind can do both due to past impressions either deliver or deny.

If I am in the now, involved in the task I am performing then I am sure to get the fruits since I am not thinking of future and thus affecting it.

Yes, it is within the construct of the present reality to believe you have already reached the goal and the fruits will be yours. But this needs a few qualities like equanimity and being in the now.

Its a journey …. path is our choice

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