Karri’s Sole Soul Curry

dreaming a dream in a dream

from birth to life

life to death

the caravan moves

Journey is all that remains

Day to day

night to night

struggle to strife

Mind the mental fights

Thread the only path that is

Truth and honesty with oneself

try the abundant air

The breath is the lifeline

live a free life

live just for today

even today live for the moment

and expand the mind

live in the here and now

morph space-time to create your universe

imagination has no bounds

encompass the entire cosmos

taste the honey of synchronicity

enter the rabbit hole with a clean heart

Realize that reality is an illusion

And be the 10th avatar

But first of all

Empty yourself of yourself

No pride, ambitions or dreams

Just do what you are doing!

Nirvana: Recipe !

what you are and what you have is the best place to start. Objectively access the persona that your name means and put it in a box clled EGO component and paint it black to signify darkness, creator, or use your imagination and call it a black hole…”a hole in a heart shaped box”. It retains all the past till this moment. Dont take the mind for granted, treat her with respect, you got to know she’s a sensitive kind. Tell her you love her with your life. If you believe i know you will find, a finger and a ring that sets in your eyes.

Then magic happens. With no lingering past and the mind comfortable that it is squeezed into a blackhole and all of it has come to naught… the future too dissolves. Welcome to paradise UVWXY

I am the alpha and the omega.


– grace of Ramsai karri

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