Dear Shanti,

What I am penning I myself haven’t mastered, so be objective and open minded, in simple terms don’t judge and run thru it once before re-reading it…kindly give it a non reviewer look for content validation and usefulness in furthering the purpose of life…To Live …..Good Orderly Direction

God grant me the

Serenity to

accept the things I cannot change

Courage to

change the things I can and

Wisdom to

know the difference….

Cannot Change : external manifestations of resolved karma

Change : ones reaction to it without oscillating between craving or aversion

Wisdom : realize that ones reaction determines the future outcome.

==========break for intellectual constipation!==================

Why is it difficult to stay with old folks ?

They are trying to fill the vacuum of their retired lives by religiously following a regime of various household chores, which is fine, but they also start minding other members’ life which is where the conflict rises. The working generations are looking for a little leisure time at home, uncluttered by the hectic work schedule. But instead hear the rattle of the never ending lifestyle corrections.

==========Start of Verbal Diarrhea!==================

In synchronicity one touches the very truth of existence itself – ‘that the universe is a mere reflection of the mind within, as the mind is & its thoughts so the universe around forms in tandem’. The ancients had wisely stated this in two potent words as “Aham Brahmasvi”. In synchronicity one realizes the fluidity of reality itself & how it is directly dependent on the mind.

Yeah! when the mind is trained to seek the source instead of a heavenly abode, it transcends the web of Maya totally & just realizes the Vedanta maha vakya “ Aham Brahmasmi ” since his very self is the nature of the source & not just that, the self, I , are but the other names for the source which is nameless but all names emanate from it. Then such an individual will only be living to consummate the residual karma, so that he is no longer continuing in the endless loop of rebirths.

Yes synchronicity is an amalgam of both the individual’s subconscious and here and now. Being in the here & now one is dissociated from Karma and connects with the cosmic consciousness. While not in the here & now(which is usual) one clears the past karma. More the awareness, closer is one to here & now and lesser the karma to address. This path leads from  here & now(linear plane), to sychronicity(relative plane) and in the end to the source which has no space-time fabric(since the univese has emanated from it).

To reach this state of synchronicity & experience this basic truth about ourselves and the universe about us, one has to be in the here & now. And to be in the here & now, one should be free of any regret or remorse which develops guilt and thus binds us to the past and similarly be free from any desires or aspirations which keep us focused in the future.

Truth is vital for synchronicity coz any form of dishonesty breeds in us guilt since our conscience knows the truth. And only with a crystal clear conscience can one undertake this spiritual voyage coz in spirituality we are dealing with reality as an illusion or lie and we cannot proceed having a lie about this lie to destroy this lie.

When the mind is unbridled by fears of the future and doubts arising from the knowledge of the past only then can it exist without anxieties in the present. And only in the here and now are we the true architects of our destinies. This is the true rapport of the statement “do your karma, do not bother about the fruits” in the Bhagwat Gita by Lord Krishna. Coz’ bothering about the fruit takes us to the future and automatically apprehensions of the fruit set in, in the process it undermines our own efforts. This is the reason all philosophies scream at us to liberate ourselves from the past and the future and be in the present coz’ that’s where life is, in the here & now. That’s why the adage, ‘past is history & the future a mystery’

Synchronicity can both be a euphoric experience and also equally bothersome nightmare.

There can be no greater joy than the experience of synchronicity coz the universe around us dances in tune with our thoughts, leaving no thought that rises in us unfulfilled. One truly feels one is the Lord giving rise to euphoria and the all powerful feeling of able to do anything Coz ones own mind & its associated thoughts are all that matter in the universe. This can result in a person becoming manic & threat to the peace of people around(that is the reason why the sadhus are sometimes aggressive and they prefer to retire to the mountains to prevent incurring bad karma by their tempers).

This is also the reason that one finds a lot of psychiatric patients talking of either being Gods or having connections with the maker. This is because they have managed to pierce the veil of Maya or the transitory nature of reality but have not been able to get hold of their own minds in a manner so as to walk along sane with the belief of others. It is this belief system that defines both the collective consciousness or sanity & reality or space-time fabric.

Similarly since the reality is a seamless reflection of the mind & in synchronicity we are aware of it, we become doubly conscious of our own thoughts, giving rise to fear of unwanted thoughts & these very fears reflect in the reality. Hence the saying “fear attracts the object of its fear”. The situation becomes phobic & depressive coz ones own mind and not anything outside is the cause of the negative thoughts and hence the gloom around.

Thus it becomes obvious that it is not sufficient enough just to breach the mental construct called reality but one also has to maintain a degree of sobriety if one has to advance on the path called spirituality. If one doesn’t watch ones own mind with a second mind (called a two mind technique in some spiritual practices) then one invariably succumbs to what the ancients called ‘a spiritual ego’ which is worse than a materialistic ego. This is the reason the ancients in all cultures recommended a spiritual aspirant to always have a ‘Guru’, who acts as the second mind.

Synchronicity is a balanced walk on the edge of blade. Neither is it a manic soul-gratifying quest to enlighten the world nor is it a depressing passage in the confines of a mountain cave or mind. It is also referred to as the rabbit hole after the most profound book for children called “Alice in Wonderland”.

I believe God is just a spectator, whom we can use since he is our own being, to fulfill any desire by empowering the God within by our mind. He has no  separate entity, in fact he is so benign that he has no identity at all. It is our very core. We start using our mind & our conscious thoughts to make a God of our will to create a universe (which is nothing but our thoughts) of our own.

Thus like a spider which weaves it cobweb from its own saliva and lives in it all its life, we too weave our universe(from our birth) using our thoughts & like an elephant(which never forgets) we keep every bit of pattern woven or every fragment of thought in our memory & continue our parade in life. Till we reach the end of our life or loose our memory we have no end in the woven pattern. The only liberation is when we draw in the woven web(wanting to catch the objects of our desire like the spider) & catch the first thoughts of our being before we started weaving the web, till then we see no escape from the Maya called universe.

This is the reason why religions worked on desires or fruits of karma. To  ensure that when one gets detached from outcomes or objects of desire the web of mind then has no purpose of existence & it automatically perishes leaving  just the state which exists when the fabric of time space doesnt exist, before the first thought. It is a child like state where the imagination is bound by dreams not reasons, though the dreams themselves are resolutions of previous creation/life.

There is no need to delve in the past since the present is but  cumulative resolution of all the linear(awake) and relative(dreams) time scales.

Coming back to synchronicity, it occurs to indicate the present state as resolution of the collective past. But if the individual has resolved all existential and scientific queries then his synchronizations are on a universal scale.

Now let us talk of how synchronicity shifts one from the here and now (static existence) and accomplish general good(dynamic existence) since they can also be used to keep in touch with the universal consciousness.

Its been said That desires or wants are the main hurdles in attaining the state of oneness which is needed to affect a change. Funny isn’t the paradox that to attain the desired change one has to give up desires.

Here it is pertinent to talk about wants and desires. “Want begins where Need ends”.

A need is usually fulfilled as the solution is always close at hand. We waste time & effort in pursuit of the need which is near. Be it either a misplaced cell phone, or a search for self. So all it takes is an open mind & a little patience to acquire the need.

While a want is a desire which may not be in the scheme of things, it requires effort; even mental effort is enough–like positive thought with no doubts or fears.

This is what distinguishes a Human being as a species from the whole animal kingdom. Animals live almost in the here & now, leaving little room for desires. They don’t dream or desire consciously to alter the state of the environment; rather they just go along with the flow.

Here is the crunch that man faces—how to change a want into a need. A want which trespasses the needs of others is negative and that which transcends the self is positive in its impact.

In life it is not possible to live without wants.  But, we have a choice of what to desire, how to go about having wants such that it is beneficial to all and becomes the need of the hour.

If one has no wants and the needs are met without struggle-in other words acceptance of karma, then one can experience synchronicity. This is the door to the universe of one’s comprehension, construction or consideration. That is the reason the Hindus start with OHM since it is the first sound after Big Bang and thus encompasses all of the creation since the initial expansion or expression of the singular entity called our own higher self. Thus the monosyllable ohm has the seed of the entire manifest universe and so its utterance is a sort of both consummation of all the connected karmas since then and also replication of the initial state each day so as to be closer to our pristine state without all the vagaries of the mind.

And if you listen very hard

The tune will come to you at last.

When all are one and one is all

To be a rock and not to roll.

-Led zepplin – Stairway To Heaven

Life is what happens

when u r busy making other plans

–  John Lennon, Beautiful boy

every thing under the sun is in tune

But the sun is eclipse by the moon

-Pink Floyd,  Eclipse


Take care not to fall into either trap – the belief in a permanent self, whether great or small or the belief in annihilation, of becoming nothing. These two notions must be transcended. Many Buddhists are not capable of doing so, and they are caught in one notion or the other, getting bitten by the snake over and over again

If you confuse the raft for the shore, emancipation might prove elusive, so we need to go beyond doctrine, writes Vietnamese Buddhist guru Thich Nhat Hanh.

Let us look together at the notion “living being.” Living beings are beings that have sensations. Non-living beings are beings that have no sensations. Actually, scientists find it difficult to establish the boundary. Some are not certain whether mushrooms are animals or plants. The French poet Lamartine asked whether inanimate objects have a soul. I would say, “Yes.” The Vietnamese composer Tinh Cong Son said, “Tomorrow even rocks and pebbles will need each other.” How do we know that rocks do not suffer? After the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima, the rocks in the parks there were dead, and the Japanese carried them away and brought in living rocks.

In Mahayana Buddhist temples, we make the vow that every being, animate or inanimate, will realise full and perfect enlightenment. Although we use the words animate and inanimate, we are aware that all are beings, and that the distinction between living and non-living beings is spurious. A true bodhisattva can see that living beings are made of non-living elements. The notion “living beings” is dissolved, and the bodhisattva is emancipated. A bodhisattva devotes his life to helping bring living beings “to the other shore,” without clinging to the notion “living beings.”

Because of our tendency to use notions and concepts to grasp reality, we cannot touch reality as it is. We construct an image of reality that does not coincide with reality itself. That is why these exercises are important to help us free ourselves. They are not philosophical. If we try to make the Buddha’s teaching into a doctrine, we miss the point. We have caught the snake by its tail. During our daily lives, we practise living mindfully in order to get in touch with reality, and we observe things in order to see the true nature of non-self. Many people misunderstand this teaching of the Buddha. They think that he is denying the existence of living beings. It is not a denial. The Buddha is offering us an instrument to help us reach a deeper understanding and emancipation. The instrument should be used, not worshipped. The raft is not the shore.

The first three notions – self, person, and living being – are presented in terms of space. The fourth notion – life span – is presented in terms of time. Before you were born, did you exist? Was there a self? When did you begin to have a self? Was it from the moment of conception? The sword of discrimination cuts reality into two pieces – the period of your nonexistence and the period when you began to exist. How will you continue? After you die, will you become nothing again? This is a frightening notion that humans ponder. What will happen after I die? When we hear, “There is no self,” we become even more frightened. It is comforting to say, “I exist,” so we ask, “What happens after I die?” We attempt to hold onto a notion of self that makes us feel comfortable. “This is the world. This is the self. I will continue.”

The Buddha made a simple statement concerning the existence of things: “This is, because that is. This is not, because that is not.” Everything relies upon everything else in order to be…

The technique, therefore, is to stop using concepts and notions and enter reality in a non-conceptual instant. The Buddha handed us an instrument to remove notions and concepts and touch reality directly. If you continue to cling even to Buddhist notions and concepts you miss the opportunity. You are carrying the raft on your shoulders. Do not be a prisoner of any doctrine or ideology, even Buddhist ones…

Our notion of being is dualistic, the opposite of the notion of non-being. The reality of being the Buddha tries to convey is not the opposite of non-being… The Buddha is very aware that self is made of non-self elements. That is our true self…

In Mahayana Buddhism, we use anti-notions to help us get rid of notions. If the notion of being catches you, the notion of emptiness is there to rescue you. But if you forget that true emptiness is filled with everything, you will be caught by your notion of emptiness and bitten by a snake. The Ratnakuta Sutra says it is better to be caught by the notion of being than by the notion of emptiness. All other notions can be healed by the notion of emptiness, but when you are caught in the notion of emptiness, the disease is incurable…

The belief that the Self is there before I was born and will continue after I die is a belief in permanence. The opposite belief – that after you die, you enter into absolute nothingness – is a belief in annihilation. These kinds of wrong views are discussed in the Sutra on Knowing the Better Way to Catch a Snake. Buddhist practitioners must take care not to fall into either trap – the belief in a permanent self, whether great or small or the belief in annihilation, of becoming nothing. These two notions must be transcended. Many Buddhist are not capable of doing so, and they are caught in one notion or the other, getting bitten by the snake over and over again.

Dharma Samapti-earth is a Blackhole

I am a balm to the sick, their healer and servitor. I quench with rains of food and drink the anguish of hunger and thirst. In the famine of age’s end, I am their drink and food.

I am an unfailing store for the poor and serve them with manifold things for their need. My own being and pleasures I surrender absolutely and entirely to God indefinitely such that all creatures on earth may gain their end.

I am the protector of the unprotected, a guide to wayfarers, a ship, a dyke and a bridge for those who seek the farther shore; a lamp for those who need a lamp and a bed for those who need a bed.

I am Earth

thou reached, dont know how…. hence this blog to chart the course of this fo tangibility

know why sadgurus are sad, coz’ it lonely up there and they want company

0-SadGURU (I am the cause of all causes);: 1-Earth 2-as 3-blackhole 4-core. 5-shesha, 6-atlas, 7-hooded S, 8-kris from galactic center-blue(sri yantra), 9-from 108 blackholes, 10-new universe with earth as center, back to square one, PURUSHA

There are just two ways to ne humble. Either humble yourself or life humbles you. if you humble yourself then it is hipocracy. when life humbles you, you dont need to practice humility

Just as Gods come to rescue, rockstars help to replace the old construct with new Paradigm shifts in perception.

Gopis-sages Dhai Ahshar of Kabir

Kabhi mujhe
Lage ki jaise
Sara hi yeh
jahan hai jaadu
Jo hai bhi aur
Nahi bhi hai yeh
Fiza, Ghata, Hawa, Baharein
Ishare yeh..
Kahani main innki

Udhava 11th Skanda

I tried without knowledge and surety to cross the river

I was sent back to first involve in samsara and then think

Thoughts aided by the best of chemicals set the stage

I became kalki, BlackholeSun, christ, and then Shiva

The time is just a moment away from being new

But those who comprehend the meaning are few

It could mean the earth made new by the ravaging elements

Or the only conscious being, Man, changes his awareness

the universe is but a collective thought projection

which can be breached coz its nothing but your dream

Ask your babies inside and you will know what i am saying

Scentless Apprentice Arjun Bhagvat Gita

The best style is the style you don’t notice. Somerset Maugham 🙂 Matsya : Fish tank
{Chapter I -The Despondency of Arjun}
If you see something small dont manipulate, coz it is the very thing that you avoided to be big. Ramsai 🙂 Kurma : Dicovery channel
{Chapter II -Application to the speculative Doctrines}
be a mirror with a zillion reflections every moment you pause. Karri. 🙂 Varaha
{Chapter III -The right performance of actions}
We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it. Galileo 🙂 NarsimhaDev
{Chapter IV -Spiritual Knowledge}
You Are THE Magic, Does it matter who is the magician OR do you want Magic. aam ya gutli 🙂 Vamana
{Chapter V -Renunciation of Action}
Beware of the poison of wisdom, all evil stems from it, coz the wise come back to live it. Wise CRACK 🙂 Parshuram
{Chapter VI -Self-Restraint}
Does it suffice to you oh heart, that your dream is a reality or you want more… MORE 🙂 Ra van
{Chapter VII -Spiritual Discernment}
wake up oh dreamer from the slumbers of time to a new reality before you CREATION 🙂 sri krishna
{Chapter VIII -The Omnipresent Spirit named as Om}
every thought is an act of creation followed by the pain of the heart after dissolution 🙂 Buddha
{Chapter IX -The Kingly Knowledge and Kingly Mystery}
creation itself includes the origination, modification and dissolution. o to 1 to 3 🙂 Time Kal ki (of past and future NOW)
{Chapter X -Devotion by means of the Universal Divine Perfections}

compensation, contemplation, and enamcipation follow every thought 🙂 11 Jungian Psychiatry
{Chapter XI -Vision of the Divine Form as including All Forms}
compassion is a tool not the end. Om Mani Peme Hung 🙂 12 Mother Teresa Service
{Chapter XII -Devotion by means of Faith}
future uncertain and the end is always here. Jim Morr i son (Morr is god of death, father of Eternal Life) 🙂 13 teravi everyone contributes
{Chapter XIII -Discrimination of Kshetra from Kshetrajna}

Past and the future and present wait on you in order 🙂 14 new moon to full moon (Rama’s 14 yrs, Buddha’s 14 days, X2 Sravan & ID)
{Chapter XIV -Seperation from the three Qualities}
Bhakta has no pride, he is like cooked rice, soft, soaked in steam, no zeal to create more rice since it pases its zeal to the palate :)15 SUN {Chapter XV -knowledge of the supreme spirit}

3 is a magic number, play to infinity 🙂 16 imagination as science
{Chapter XVI – discrimination between godlike and demonic Natures}

Each Man is of the same nature as that ideal onwhich his faith is fixed 17 sattva-god, rajas-rakshasas, tamas-elemental & ghosts of dead men
{Chapter XVII -The three kinds of Faith}

The plunge18 Strike
{Chapter XVIII -Renunciation as the Final Liberation}

Delivery Pains – Naadaan Parindey – Jesus

Sau tald badan pe failey hai
Har karam ke kapde mailey hai

Kateein chahe jitna
Paroon se hawoon ko
Khud se na bach payega tu..
Todh aasmaanon ko
Phook de jawaanon ko
Khud ko chupa na payega tu..

Koi bhi le rastaa
Tu hi hai tu berastaa
Apne hi ghar aayeha tu..

Oh nadaan..
Oh nadaan parindey

Kaagar kaagar
Morhi itni araj tohse
Chun chun khahiyoo maas
Arajiya re khahiyoo na
Do nain mohe
Khahiyoo na do nain mohe
Piya ke milan ki aas
Khahiyoo na do nain mohe
Khahiyoo na do nain mohe
Piya ke milan ki aas

Oh nadaan..
Oh nadaan parindey
Ghar aaja..

Har Har Mahadev

(: Morr is the god of death, the realm inhabited by the souls of dead. He is also the god of the dead, as he is responsible for protecting all souls of the dead and ensuring that they are guided safely to his darkly serene and serenely dark Shadowrealm.

Morr is also the god of dreams, as the land of sleep is close to the realm of death. He is capable of weaving great and terrible dreams and illusions. Verena, his wife is said to have knowledge of all that is past while he is the master of dreams and of that which is yet to be. His younger bother and sworn enemy is Khaine, Lord of Murder.

Morr counts the other cults and gods as his friends with the exception of his brother Khaine and anyone who prevents him from receiving souls that are rightfully his.

There are shrines or temples to Morr in almost every town and city of the Old World. The cult is not centrally organised, and each local temple/funerary house is independent. The most senior temple is located in Luccini, Tilea, where a convocation is held every ten years and matters of religious doctrine are debated and decided upon.

Interpreters of dreams and those who wish to be free of nightmares may invoke him in his aspect as god of Dreams. Hanuman

Illusionists may worship Morr instead of Ranald the Deceiver. Sad GURU ; know why sadgurus are sad, coz’ it lonely up there and they want company

The cult of Morr does have a number of priests, and at least two orders, the Order of the Shroud{Chandal}, which tends to Morr’s funerary rites, and the Augurs {Agori}, which tends to Morr’s function as a source of divination and oracle.

The cult of Morr also include the Black Guard{Nagas}, dedicated knights and templars who act as the military wing of the cult, charged with assisting the cult in its duties. This involves protecting shrines and churches and escorting travelling priests. The most important role of the Black Guard is hunting down and destroying those who would disturb the work of Morr, such as necromancers and the living dead, especially vampires.

An unofficial group working in Morr’s name is the Fellowship of the Shroud{Chandal}, which is dedicated to actively destroying undead creatures and necromancers. This group, which is organised as a monastic order, is at odds with the less vigorous mainstream cult of Morr, and there is some friction between the two. BIRTH of

There are also two Knightly Orders dedicated to Morr in The Empire, the Raven Knights( chandra shukshma nadi) and the Knights of Morr(surya sukshma nadi). The first owns the small town Siegfriedhof(cooked brain) which is situated near the border to Sylvania(spine) in Stirland(kundalini), a perfect location to counter the evil forces of the Undead as far as these Knights are concerned.


Observe all the rites of funeral and wake.
Oppose necromancers, the followers of Khaine, and the Undead whenever and wherever they’re encountered.
Be respectful and considerate of the dead and their families.
Pay heed to your dreams.

Morr has no special holy days and is only worshipped at funerals and on similar occasions 🙂

01 GOD – the final frontier

Vihangam means a bird. As a bird floats in the air overcoming the gravitational force of the earth, so does the consciousness of the Atma float in the limitless space of pure consciousness leaving behind its physical base i.e. body, mind and intellect. To distinguish it from various prevalent physical, mental and spiritual practices, which also go by the name of Yoga, the Vedic Yoga is called Vihangam Yoga or Sahaja Yoga.

It was this yoga that Lord Krishna taught to Arjuna In the celebrated Hindu Scripture Bhagwad Gita during the Mahabharata period, some five thousand years ago. This has called Brahma Vidya in the Gita and the Upanishads.

The divine knowledge of Vihangam Yoga disappeared gradually after the Mahabharata period. It was revived by the real mystic saint, Kabir, more than five hundred years ago.

Through the Vihangam Yoga meditation, one easily raises his soul’s energy to open “Kundalini shakti” (the hidden Potential in all of us) under the able guidance of a true Sad guru and attains Soul’s conscious state, from where it actually starts the prayer to “Supreme Soul”. This is a situation where the soul is in its own state i.e. it is not attached with Mann (Mind) and Prana – the true form.

In Vihangam Yoga the mind is lifted to its source, the Akshara Brahma where it is permanently quietened, just like a river losing its identity in the ocean. Once the soul is freed from bondage of the mind, it realises its true nature and stops identifying itself with the human body. In fact, the soul then acts as the master and guides the mind and the body in the way it likes.

Having realised the futility of worldly pleasures, derived through the sense organs and their objects, it soars higher in search of the Absolute Bliss (Paramananda). It is then only that the real meditation of Vihangam Yoga starts, terminating in Samādhi, the ultimate aim of Yoga of meeting with the Supreme Soul. In this state the soul has attained liberation while residing in the body itself (Jivanmukti).

Nature (Prakriti)

All the insentient objects in the universe are composed of one basic substance called Nature or Prakriti. Prakriti Maya (illusion of nature) and Paramanu (subatomic manifestations) are synonymous. Prakriti consists of three gunas – Sattwa (light), Rajas(enthropy) and Tamas(matter), whose characteristics are illumination, activity and inertia

Guna (in the context of Prakriti) means constituent and not attribute. The three gunas or constituents of Prakriti are basic substances, which do not exist independently when there is no creation, nature or Prakriti exists in its seed (or cosmic egg) form, which is called Mool Prakriti. In Mool Prakriti the three gunas remain in balance and do not interact. BlackHole. Pearly Gates. Sa lig’ Ra m .

Sa…snake(entropy) rises in the blackhole in tandem with galaxy ouside…extend to Big Bang or lig’ (lig-ht)…Ra or unmoulded plasmic state at 1 billionth of a second after origin…mmm for formation of galaxies and stars- cosmic hum still prevelant as constant background. closed sound in the universe is Aaaammm and open sound is AUM.

Thus Om preserves and norishes while AUM is a continuous act of destruction and creation, hence one has to be care full in even contemplating these sounds before use coz’ you never know when you have moved the rose shrubs with the weed. Hence the concept of AUM being demonic in some faiths. Consider it as a poison that is needed to keep away toxins in your body and hence the concept of snake

Inside a BlackHole. The creation starts with the vibration in the Mool Prakriti(ripple wave form of ocean of light caused by any enthropy inbalace since the out=in=0 entropy). As a result of the vibration, the gunas of Prakriti combine in different proportions to give, rise to a variety of substances(particle nature of light-photons). Each guna is present in active or dormant form in all the substances created. The gunas of Prakriti are analogous with the fundamental particles of atom. According to science, all the physical substances are made up of atoms consisting of electrons, protons and neutrons in specific numbers. The properties of the fundamental particles are similar to those of gunas. Furthermore, the creation of universe a result of a ‘big bang’ in the cosmic egg, and the theory of oscillating universe propounded by modem science, is strikingly similar to the views of great Indian seers.

While modem science is ignorant as to the agency responsible for ‘big bang’ in the cosmic egg, the Indian Rishis say that it is the Akshara Brahma who imparts vibration in Mool Prakriti and thus starts the creation of the universe. Ak Sha Ra is the one handed clap of the big bang since sound needs matter to travel. In the process of creation, five basic elements are first created. They are Akasha (space), Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Jala (water) and Prithivi (earth). They are listed here in their decreasing order of subtleness and their respective qualities are sound (Shabda), touch (Sparsha), form (Roopa), taste (Rasa) and smell (Gandha). All objects are made of these five subtle elements. Our five senses are created to receive the five different sensations of the five basic elements. All parts of our bodies are manifestations of Prakriti, except mind and Pranas, which originate from Akshara Brahma- the oyher hand of the clap.

Time (Kala)

Given two events, we can always say whether one of them occurred earlier, later or simultaneously. The concept, on which the chronological order of events is based, is called Kala (Time). Time is an abstract entity and is conceived only through the changes that take, place around us. The Prakriti (Nature) undergoes a continuous transformation or change right from the moment of the creation of the universe till its dissolution. These changes indicate the incessant flow of time. Even during the dissolution when no change, whatever, occurs, time does not cease to exist. Like all other conscious and inert objects, time concept also rests with the Supreme Being who decides the duration of the dissolution based on this concept alone. Time is thus an eternal entity.

Among the nine kinds of elements mentioned in his Vaisesika System, the great Seer Kanada has postulated time as a substance. Kala Shukta finds mention in Atharva Veda. It is time under whose fold the galaxies are mobile and the entire universe is cycling. Time is neither conscious nor inert. Still years throughout the world, more as a means to promote the entire zone of creation is ruled by it. The birth and death, inhalation and exhalation and all the experiences of pleasure and pain occur in the domain of time. The soul becomes free from the wheel of time only when it is liberated from the bondage of Prakriti by the technique of Vihangam Yoga under the guidance of a Sad guru.

Essence of Vihangam Yoga

Yoga has been gaining recognition and popularity in recent time under whose fold healthy living rather than spiritual attainment. To this end a number of Indian yogis are engaged in teaching yogic exercises such as Asanas and Pranayama. Some forms of meditations and other practices of very recent origins are also being taught in the name of yoga. Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Laya Yoga and Raja Yoga are some of the various kinds of yoga, which are popular in India. These are physical or Prakritic yogas. They are practiced at the physical level of body, mind, intellect and Pranas and develop their powers appreciably. The ultimate aim of yoga as propounded in the Vedas and the Upanishads is to unite the individual soul (Atma) with the Supreme Soul (Paramatma). This highest form of yoga is called Vihangam Yoga or Brahma Vidya. The knowledge of Vihangam Yoga had disappeared for the last five hundred years and was revived by Sadguru Swami Sadafal Deoji Maharaj in the first half of last century.

The literal meaning of the word ‘Yoga’ is union. Vihangam Yoga is defined as the union of Atma with Paramatma. This union is achieved after Atma frees itself from the shackles of the mind and intellect and attains its pure conscious state. The Supreme Soul is a purely conscious entity and is beyond the reach of the mind and intellect. The mind and intellect are inert by themselves and are activated by the consciousness of the soul. An inert object cannot reach a conscious entity, far less unite with or merge in it. Therefore, the physical yogas cannot reach the ideal of Vihangam Yoga. Vihangam means a bird. As a bird floats in the air overcoming the gravitational force of the earth, so does the consciousness of the Atma float in the limitless space of pure consciousness leaving behind its physical base i.e. body, mind and intellect. The cessation of mental activities has been defined as Yoga Patanjali. This is the definition of Raja Yoga, prominent among the physical yogas. Raja Yoga preludes to Vihangam Yoga. In other words, Vihangam Yoga begins where Raja Yoga ends. Maharshi Patanjali in his Yoga Darshan has described eight limbs of yoga. They are:


It is a self-imposed code of good conduct in one’s relation to other beings in general and to the human society in particular. It includes Ahimsa (not to hurt anybody thoughts, words or deeds), Satya (truthfulness), Asteya (not to usurp anybody’s property), Brahmacharya (celibacy in thoughts and deeds) and Aparigraha (not to hoard things beyond one’s needs).


It is concerned with purification of one’s body and self. It includes Shoucha (external and internal cleanliness), Santosha (contentment), Tapa (religious austerity), Swadhyaya (study of scriptures) and Ishwar Pranidhana (devotion and surrender to the Almighty).


These are various yogic postures, which help to keep the body supple and strong. They include the different Bandhs and Mudras, which keep the internal organs toned up, and help in concentration of mind.


These are practices involving regulation of breath. These enhance the performance of the respiratory and circulatory systems and help to control the mind.


It is withdrawal of sense organs from the sense objects.


Mann bandhe so dharana (Controlling the mind at a point is called Dharana)


It means meditation with unbroken attention on the object of concentration.


It is the complete absorption of one’s self in the object of meditation. Here there is complete absence of one’s identity, which has merged in its goal. In the highest stage of Raja Yoga or Ashtanga Yoga (eight-limbed yoga) of Patanjali, that is Samadhi, the cessation of all mental activities is achieved. Thus it does not reach the ultimate aim of yoga viz. the union of the individual self with the Supreme Self. This is achieved through Samādhi of Vihangam Yoga only.

Doors The Ghost Song Lyrics

Shake dreams from your hair
My pretty child, my sweet one.
Choose the day and choose the sign of your day
The day’s divinity
First thing you see.

A vast radiant beach and cooled jeweled moon
Couples naked race down by it’s quiet side
And we laugh like soft, mad children
Smug in the wooly cotton brains of infancy
The music and voices are all around us.

Choose they croon the Ancient Ones
The time has come again
Choose now, they croon
Beneath the moon
Beside an ancient lake

Enter again the sweet forest
Enter the hot dream
Come with us
Everything is broken up and dances.

Indians scattered,
On dawn’s highway bleeding
Ghosts crowd the young child’s,
Fragile eggshell mind

We have assembled inside,
This ancient and insane theater
To propagate our lust for our life,
And flee the swarming wisdom of the streets.

The barns have stormed
The windows kept,
And only one of all the rest
To dance and save us
From the divine mockery of words,
Music inflames temperament.

Ooh great creator of being
Grant us one more hour,
To perform our art
And perfect our lives.

We need great golden copulations,

When the true kings murders
Are allowed to roam free,
A thousand magicians arise in the land
Where are the feast we are promised?

One more thing

Thank you oh lord
For the white blind light
Thank you oh lord
For the white blind light

A city rises from the sea
I had a splitting headache
From which the future’s made

Nowhere Man Lyrics

He’s a real nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.
Doesn’t kave a point of view,
Knows not where he’s going to,
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, please listen,
You don’t know what you’re missing,
Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.
He’s as blind as he can be,
Just sees what he wants to see,
Nowhere Man can you see me at all?
Doesn’t kave a point of view,
Knows not where he’s going to,
Isn’t he a bit like you and me?
Nowhere Man, don’t worry,
Take your time, don’t hurry,
Leave it all ’till somebody else
Lends you a hand.
He’s a real Nowhere Man,
Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
Making all his nowhere plans
For nobody.

Is Buddha Alive Or Dead?

Is Buddha Alive Or Dead?In western philosophy, the term “being-in-itself” is very close to the Buddhist term “suchness” — reality as it is free from conceptions or grasping. You cannot grasp it, because grasping reality with concepts and notions is like catching space with a net. So enter reality in a non-conceptual instant. The Buddha handed us an instrument to do this. If you continue to cling even to Buddhist notions and concepts, you miss the opportunity. You are carrying the raft on your shoulders. Do not be a prisoner of any doctrine or ideology, even Buddhist ones.

Our notion of being is dualistic, the opposite of the notion of non-being. The reality of being that the Buddha tries to convey is not the opposite of non-being. When he says “Self”, it is not the opposite of anything.

In Mahayana Buddhism, we use anti-notions to help us get rid of notions. If you get caught by the notion of being, the notion of emptiness is there to rescue you. But if you forget that true emptiness is filled with everything, you will be caught by your notion of emptiness and bitten by the snake. All other notions can be healed by the notion of emptiness, but when you are caught in the notion of emptiness, the disease is incurable.

The belief that the Self is there before I was born and will continue after I die is a belief in permanence. The opposite belief, that after you die you enter absolute nothingness, is a belief in annihilation. These views are discussed in the Sutra on Knowing — the better way to catch a snake. Take care not to fall into either trap – the belief in a permanent Self, whether great or small, or the belief in annihilation, becoming nothing. These two notions must be transcended. When you are caught in one notion or the other, you get bitten by the snake over and over again.

One day I was contemplating a stick of burning incense. The smoke coming off its tip was creating many beautiful forms in the air. It seemed alive, really there. I perceived an existence, a being, a life, and I sat quietly enjoying myself and the “Self” of the incense stick. I enjoyed the smoke as it continued to drift up creating various forms. I used my left hand to “catch” the smoke. The last moment the stick was burning was especially beautiful. When there was no more incense at the other end, there was more oxygen on both sides, so it burned most intensely for a moment, revealing a bright red colour. I looked at it with all my concentration. It was a parinirvana, a great extinction. Where had the flame gone?

When a person is about to die, he often becomes very alert at that last moment of life and then fades away, just like the stick of incense. Where has the soul gone? I had several other sticks of incense, and I knew that if, at that last moment, I took another stick of incense and touched the first stick with it, the flame would have continued onto the new stick, and the life of the incense would have continued. It was only a matter of fuel, or conditions…If I feed one stick after another to the fuel, is the life of the incense eternal?

Is the Buddha alive or dead? It is a matter of fuel. Perhaps you are the fuel, and you continue the life of the Buddha. From ‘Cultivating the Mind of Love’.,

Teju Speaks to karri 4884

that arise as I walk the walk of life.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Sum are thee (samadhi)

There are ways but one too many

Then there are one or none

None is Not-one and also a New-one

Vagaries of perception are but

Travesties of deception

No Thinkers and doers


Winners and wooers

Gone is the fright

or urge to fight

o what strange is this


is worst of the wrongest

as tis better than any right

White over Grey or

Grey over white,

Black takes it all

with all might

thus begins the

ascent of his flight

to where zero is the sum

and the sum are thee

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Saturday, August 04, 2012

What is knowledge?

I realized that in the previous post I mentioned “thirst for knowledge”. The term knowledge can be misleading. By knowledge, I certainly do not imply ‘information’. What most of us inevitably possess at a certain age, or acquire by a certain age, is just information. There is really nothing to invent but only to discover. Everything has been tried and done before. The way of this era, the ‘kaliyuga’, is to manifest into instruments of destruction and catalysts of entropy.

My comment: Btw, only human being stage of conscious is capable of being the perfect holy ground in which to cleanse the 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 ,18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45= 4884. Bahti Ganga hai yaar hath dholo types. When these 15 archetypes are assimilated in and 48 is born and it translates to 84 outside, mirror reflection, one will have more space than one can handle. It is a matter of time before the ego is punctured and the positive entropy so released counters the negative aspect of universal entropy, that of loss of information. What you get back as an originator of this process is precious time. Every day is Nirvana.

Prof. Russell Ackoff theorizes the difference between data, information, knowledge, understanding and wisdom. This is a very useful concept for understanding how ‘systems thinking’ works.

I was somehow aware of this difference inherently, I am sure most of us are, we just do not put it as glibly, in our minds. Although, Ackoff’s theory may offer an insight into understanding the human mind, it needs a deeper probing.

For example, intent, instinct, awareness are more primitive and built in faculties of the human being.

Even before we start breathing, or develop the corporeal form to be able to breathe, there was an intent to “be” to exist. It is understanding this intent or ‘sankalp’ behind everything, that is knowledge.

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Space and Time

It has been a while since I have scribbled. As I sat locked up in my own thoughts, I had this wonderful insight.

They say a child chooses its parents. I tell you, it is true. Try and imagine this with respect to the concept of space and time. A mother is space and a father is time. It is the other way round for a girl.

Extending like the two axes in each dimension, they overlook your progress in this world. They are the very frames of reference from your origin, nee arrival in this world.

The mother’s love is boundless, vast and welcoming like space. She provides the gospel and an enclave around your life.

A father teaches you to be punctual, meticulous, consistent like time. Gives you what you need, as does time.

Every sentinel being chooses it’s space and time ahead of it’s birth.

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