Thin crust


So u thought U R on terra-firma.

A cave-in on the Shouyang section of an expressway linking the capitals of Hebei and Shanxi provinces in North China brought traffic to a standstill, March 28, 2006. A 100-metre-long crater, 10 metres wide and 10 metres deep, was created on the Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Highway.

Cars lie in a sinkhole, caused when a road collapsed into an underground cave system, in the southern Italian town of Gallipoli March 30, 2007.

Rescue workers remove a bus with a crane from a Lisbon street hole November 25, 2003. The bus was parked on a Lisbon street when the ground began to open up and gobble it.

A sinkhole which damaged an on-ramp to Interstate 15 in San Diego on February 24 continued to grow February 25. The hole was caused by a drainage pipe which burst due to heavy rains attributed to El Nino weather patterns and is approximately eight hundred feet long, forty feet wide, and seventy feet deep.

A giant sinkhole that swallowed several homes is seen in Guatemala City February 23, 2007. At least three people have been confirmed missing, officials said.

Members of a television crew stand near a hole in the Paseo Nuevo in San Sebastian March 12, 2008. The hole was caused by a storm that sunk numerous boats and caused extensive damage in the Biscay area.

A stranded car is hoisted from a collapsed road surface in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, September 7, 2008. The road collapsed and trapped the car in a hole, which measured 5 meters (16.4 feet) in depth and 15 meters (49.2 feet) in diameter.

An aerial view shows the debris of a residential building and a destroyed road in the village of Nachterstedt, July 18, 2009. Three residents were missing in the eastern German village of Nachterstedt after their lakeside home and another building suddenly collapsed into the water. A 350-metre stretch of shoreline gave way next to an old open-cast coalmine converted to a lake, about 170 kilometres south-west of Berlin.

Policemen check a collapsed section of a crossroad in Hefei, Anhui province August 8,2009. A taxi and a few motorbikes fell into the hole, local media reported.

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