Within your Reach

Facts of life

1. What we need is always close at hand! And we search all over and come back to the staring point to realize that all our needs are met if only one is in the here and now, like the famous quote “journey from the self to the self”. Faith (god if religious, belief otherwise) gives the best resolution; both since the universe is a construct of the higher self or mind and also with no apprehensions we allow ourselves to be free of anxiety and thus limit the negative feelings which limit us. Left to itself, an event passes since change is eternal. It is our reactive self that brings grief while our intuitive spontaneity, our true SELF, brings harmony and peace where there was none.

Here comes the experiential part, being here and now is no easy business since it requires a present where the past is resolved with no regrets, remorse, or fear. This requires a change in the inner mind scape leading to a reflective other world experience. Two related factors that help are:

* Facing the past: like make amends as in an alcoholic’s 12- step program, or confess in a church, or simply share it with a stranger in a train or maybe a true friend. The point is none of them will judge you or want anything from you except your welfare and hence there is no anxiety since the ego barrier is lowered leading to open-mindedness. And moreover, empathetic sharing negates the lingering of the past.

If you are a good observer, any method will lead to an objective view of the past and thus eliminate the repeated self flagellation but if one is purely subjective NO matter what the incident, we can’t let go and we emote which at times is detrimental to ourselves. In the East it’s called “watching the watcher” or reflective mind. The motto of all methods is to take care of our denial and sober the incident by living it in the mind in a more conducive, objective atmosphere and thus detach from the past, resolve the emotions, feel free that things have changed. In simple words become neutral if not positive.

A psychologist does the same, he relaxes you, gives you privacy and faith thus allowing you to purge the lingering past that is effecting the present and leading to anxiety which in turn is affecting the present and subsequently the future. Simply put, facing the past brings you to the here and now; thus in effect the present changes, which in turn changes the future which is dynamic unlike past which is static.

“STICK TO THE TRUTH ONTO DEATH”, Ego death will follow. EGO {edging god out} is always the cumulative past. Being with truth requires a certain amount of courage, just experience once and preview the aftermath in an objective state. Miracles happen, which will on its own lead you to embrace the truth, and courage will slowly but surely be your state of natural mind with no conflicts. In fact, courage will lose its meaning since there is no fight; all that remains when courage becomes natural is love and peace, fear loses its significance.

* Being comfortable with oneself: the previous step brings us closer to here and now but it needs to be sustained. We have never known an empty mind and that is required to allow the universal harmony to flow through us & around us which is vital to stay in the here and now.

We are used to planning, scheming and doing mind-talk due to our prejudices ingrained from our past experience and our interpretation of it. We may be doing religious routines but are far from having a let go attitude or faith in divinity. This is because we haven’t surrendered; and how can we surrender without experience or faith. It’s a catch-22 situation, without faith you can’t experience and without experience you can’t have faith.

The universal conscience is the only conscience(call it GOD) and it cannot flow through a person who is self conscious due to limited mind and in the process the best resolution close at hand is lost. Being in the here and now is not easy, but it opens the doors to divinity.

Synchronicity is a classic state where one is in tune with the outside. It is ambrosia since it will eventually show the unlimited power of the mind to unleash the correct behavior to bring about harmony. Being taking cared of, whether human or divine is a scarce commodity, but that is the first step to start the journey. It relieves one from the chatter of the mind and tunes one to be in the here and now leading to synchronicity and eventually “Aham Brahmasvi” (I am the universe). Every human is endowed with this since we are from the same source but some how we have lost touch with The SELF.

2. Needs are always met close at hand while wants materialize when the time is ripe.

Let’s start with the definition first. What is a need and what is a want? This is a very subjective question; the thumb-rule is that a need is something we can’t go without while a want is a desire. Aha gotcha….. DESIRE??? Almost all faiths talk of desire being the root cause for sorrow. But if it weren’t for desire, we would be still cavemen (and I surely won’t be blogging!!!!!)

So how do we deal with this genie? We wouldn’t exist in modern times if it wasn’t a staple part of our emotional and mental diet.

Yet it is the root of all evil today like Pink Floyd said in Money. If it weren’t for desire, destructive traits like greed, sin, and limited personality (not remembering our true self) wouldn’t have ravaged our mankind. Thus initiating the process whereby we eventually became slaves of the senses and ultimately lost touch with our own refined higher self. Instead we got attached to this uniform of ours to such an extent that we identify ourselves with it. I remember a number by The Beatles – Nowhere man please listen, you don’t know what’s missing; the world is at your command.

So, on one hand, desire is the motivator for a civilized mankind and on the other hand, it is the very root of all sins today.

It is like walking on a knife edge ‘coz it hurts. On one side of the knife is materialism while the other is one of renouncing the show since you know the truth and merge with the source. The only way out is to make peace with the knife (world) itself.

The ancients knew this; they had this unsaid rule- take only that is needed and show gratitude to the nature. The Aztecs, Mayans and the Red Indians respected the laws of nature and realized how the delicate balance is the core to their very existence. In the current era too there are tribes in South America, Africa and in some parts of India where the natives are still in harmony with nature (just like AVATAR movie). But rampant materialization has reduced them to be the poorest pockets of humanity even though they hold the only key to a harmonious Earth.

Wants do get fulfilled if the desire is strong enough and you believe it is justified- it may even be a draconian act like that of Hitler. Nature does not see good and bad. It morphs into ones desire and then it strives to maintain a neutral stance. This accounts for the appearance of avatars periodically.

One may dream of buying a car while being limited to one’s financial status; then the desire will take its time to materialize, till one can afford it. But if you dream of becoming a millionaire and you have a fanatic mind which wont rest till the goal is reached then nature presents the opportunities to fulfill your desire at the earliest since you have converted the want to a need.

“Dream is not what you see in sleep. It is something that does not let you sleep” – Abdul Kalam

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